Assemble Your Bike

Your bicycle has been fully assembled and test-ridden by a certified mechanic in our facility. When it arrives, you will be responsible for some minor reassembly. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions as well as the necessary tools. The reassembly is a simple process that generally takes just minutes to complete.

We've posted the assembly video here, so you can view it whenever you'd like. The video is hosted by Chris Zane, founder and president of Zane's Cycles.

To stream the entire presentation at once, click the play button. To jump to a particular section of the video, click one of the chapters below:

Recreation Silverridge NEW

For specific instructions to set up a Recreation Silverridge bicycle, please click here to watch.

If you should have any problems during the reassembly process or any questions concerning the fit of your bicycle, please don't hesitate to contact Zane's at info@ezanes.com or by telephone at (203) 488-2453. We'd also love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Making videos isn't easy! Here are some outtakes of Chris that we picked up off the cutting room floor.